TCI Scholarship Program

We value education and strongly encourage employees and family members to earn a college degree, which is why we offer our annual TCI Scholarship Program. As a member of the TCI family, if you or any of your children are currently enrolled in a school you’ll be eligible to apply. The program has no age limit and eligible veterans are also encouraged to apply.

Application deadline is August 31, 2021APPLY TODAY!


Each year, TCI awards five $4,000 scholarships to 5 highly motivated, qualified individuals.


Completed applications must be accompanied by your school transcripts in order to be considered.


Submission deadline this year is August 31, 2021. Applications are accepted at any time.

Please send completed application to

Testimonials from Previous Scholarship Winners

Red Circle Year-2020

“I was fortunate enough to be selected for the scholarship opportunity through TCI. The extra financial assistance has been a huge support to continue my education. TCI has not only been a great company for its employees, such as my father, but for their families as well. I am beyond grateful for the extended assistance I have received through the company. I definitely encourage others to apply for the scholarship as well and experience the same opportunities the company has given me.”

Lesienna Escobar
Red Circle Year-2019

Being awarded this scholarship helped e stress less knowing that my parents didn’t have to stress about my tuition for the semester with my demanding and expensive field I’m going into. It was nice to just focus on my classes because this first university year was extremely hard, that I was concerned about failing. However, I won’t quit, just work harder.”

Chris De La O
Red Circle Year-2020

I am so grateful to work for a company that is willing to help out those who want to better themselves. This scholarship means a lot to me because it has allowed me to finish my last year of school, which is a huge goal in my life. TCI has allowed me to further my studies of HR management and this coming year I am proud to say that I will be receiving my bachelors degree. This could not have been done without the financial support this company has granted me and for that I am forever grateful. Thanks TCI!

Jeffrey Becerra
Red Circle Year-2019

“After receiving my scholarship reward, I was both relieved and excited. It was in the 2019 semester and I needed money to cover the cost of my classes that semester. Not only did the scholarship cover that semester, my college used it to pay for the previous semester. Afterward, sending me a check to repay for the out-of-pocket costs in the 2018 Fall semester. Thanks to the Gerry Flinn Scholarship and all those involved, I had money left over to save for my transfer to a university.”

Rico Garcia Rodriguez
Red Circle Year-2019

“As a parent you do your best to give your kids the best. However, when you have a kid with exceptional talent and a pure devotion of passion towards his field, you do whatever it takes to tap into all resources and this scholarship by far helped us save for the next semester with a bit of ease. I have a lot of respect for companies that provide this opportunity. It goes a long way and his father and I were extremely grateful.”

Anna De La O
Red Circle Year-2019

“Winning the TCI scholarship last year meant several things to me. First, it helped me accomplish my goal of being able to finish the first year of my college career without having to take out any student loans. Secondly, I was able to focus more time on my studies and my swimming without having to worry about pare time employment. Lastly, the scholarship gave my parents some peace of mind and allowed them some unexpected financial flexibility.”

McKayla Sanchez